Bucket Vinyl Black-Out Kit


HighTech3D has partnered with a fellow bucketeer, Ruth, bringing you the option to drop ship her vinyl Black-out kit.

Prevent your grow bucket from being an eyesore with this easy to apply black matte vinyl black-out kit. Precisely cut to fit the conical shape of a 5 gallon bucket.

Made in San Francisco by Ruth of https://growbucket.life/



This blackout kit includes:

  • Bucket Side Piece
  •  Circular Lid (with fan cut out)
  • Rectangular Piece (intended to be cut into strips for bucket rims)

Instructions for applying the kit: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Apply-Space-Bucket-Blackout-Vinyl/

Geometry was used to precisely measure and cut the shape of the pieces so that it could be applied with ease and less potential for wrinkles.  The shape can be manipulated and molded to a users desire by utilizing a heat gun. The vinyl is sourced from China and is the same material used in the automotive industry.

The vinyl is cut with a vinyl cutter located at the Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco.

If you’re deciding between vinyl, spray paint or duct tape, here is a personal comparison from my project diary: https://medium.com/grow-bucket-life-project-kickstarter-diary/march-17-c7af6eb9bf21

For more grow bucket stuff, check out my website at https://growbucket.life/

Additional information

Weight 9 oz


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